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  My Interest for genealogy and computing science gave me the idea to create special softwares for genealogy.

  During 2 years of research, I discovered 1000 ancestors, starting with 10 known persons, and I wanted to share that with everybody.

  After I understood the importance of the Gedcom format file, I found several tools to set up my website, but none of them fully satisfied me. For that reason I had to do odd jobs using utilities to transform files.

  Then, during Christmas evening, while I was opening the second pack of oysters I got a “Flash” : PERL, the language Perl. After that, the white wine helped me to go further in my idea : creating my “own” software!

  The advantage of Perl is that it is platform-independent. You have a Mac Intosh, or you use Linux? You shouldn’t have any problem with Perl. Unfortunatly, I only have a simple PC with Windows, so I didn’t get the chance to check how much it works out. Please contact me if you are ready to experience it!

  Of course, these utilities are for free. Please send me your contact and website addresses if you use it. Moreover, I have an other plan : a database for weddings, if you would like to send me the list of the weddings from your database with the utility Gedmarr


Versions and Evolutions

September 2000
Version 0.1 : Basic version : names index, places index, short list
January 2001
Version 1.0 : Sosa Number determination, Ascending generations index
June 2001
Version 1.1 : Pictures, Multilanguages, Geneanet Codes
November 2001
Version 1.2 : Marriages list, Distribution package
March 2002
Version 1.3 : 3 languages supported (fr,en,de), automatic sosa scanning, automatic ged file scanning, miscellaneous improvements.
June 2002
Version 1.4 : 4 languages supported (fr,en,de,nl), titles (TITL), ascending tree selection, places and dates processing enhancements, technical review.
January 2004
Version 1.5 : Cascaded Style Sheets usage, OCCU, TITL, NOTE, REFN processing improvement, french recolutionnar dates conversion, next pages selection, navigation improvement, multiples pictures, cities aggregation in places index, auto loading CD, counter...
March 2004
Version 1.51 : Names of places format adaptability.
June 2004
Version 1.6 : Descending genealogies.
July 2004
Version 1.61 : Events processing.
October 2004
Version 1.70 : Multilanguage, all sosas descendants, places information links.
Planified evolutions
Version 2.0 : Parameters setting in windows mode.


Last Version of the Gedail software packaged for Windows, with PERL interpreter, utilities Gedmarr and Gnet, Basic Templates, Zipcodes France and Belgium in an auto-install format.

Prévious Version of the Gedail software packaged for Windows, with PERL interpreter, utilities Gedmarr and Gnet, Basic Templates, Zipcodes France and Belgium in an auto-install format.

Basic Version of the Gedail software, with PERL interpreter, utilities Gedman et Gnet, Basic Templates, Zipcodes France and Belgium in a compressed zipfile format for Linux.

Additional zipcodes
The codes maybe used to determine the zipcodes of subregions and regions in the files Geneanet and weddings are available : USA, Luxemburg.

Templates Packages
The HTML - Templates are used to generate the pages of the site and can be entirely personalized, some standard packages are provided under index format. The convention to name it is :
     Lnnn-ll where Lnnn is an ID made of 1 letter and 3 figures, ll is the language (fr: français; en: english, de:german,…)

The following packages are available :

  • B000-fr : Without frames, en français
  • B001-fr : With frames, en français
  • B000-en : Without frames, in english
  • B001-en : With frames, in english
  • B000-de : Without frames, in german
  • B001-de : With frames, in german
  • B000-nl : Without frames, in dutch
  • B001-nl : With frames, in dutch

Perl V5.001
Light version of the interpreter Perl at the 5.001 level (included in the basic package)

Perl Tutorial
Learning guide of the Perl language

Perl documentation
Reference document of the Perl language.

Standard Perl source code
Full version of the perl interpreter at the last level.

Leech Ftp
Free program which allows you to transfer your created html pages to your internet provider site.

Personnel Ancestral file
Free utility, provided by the Mormons which manages your database of genealogy, enabling you to print many types of report, and export or import your data to the gedcom format. .

"brownie" Style, multilingual
Without frames style, english
"katia" Style, french
"navy" Style, dutch
"basic" Style, german
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