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In New Orleans Creole is a culture that is credited with many of our city's traditions. The roots of Jazz belong to the creole people who (being a blend of nationalities) were the first musicians able to play in any part of town they desired; that blend of various musical styles formed the rich sounds of Jazz.
The creole culture is also responsible for the famous New Orleans creole cuisine that the Baquet family has been preparing to the delight of New Orleanians for three generations. Zachary's serves all the classic Creole dishes and desserts in an elegant but homey setting. From the Shrimp Remoulade to the Trout Baquet you'll be enjoying a culinary tradition that spans generations. The service staff is trained and expected to treat you like an honored family member. Everything is under the watchful eyes of Wayne and Janet Baquet to insure a gracious dining experience. Treat yourself to a classic Creole meal at Zachary's.

A Culinary Tradition for three generations.


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