Garret Baquet

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1997 CEN Television Hollywood, CA

Produced  -  Music Television

Including Artists such as:

Common Sense




The Untouchables


Worked closely with record labels and management as well as venues

Created a pilot which has gone into production and nationwide distribution

"Spoke" is a half hour television show that is a cross between the real world and extreme mountain bike racing


1997-99 JPL / NASA La Canada, CA

Camera Operator

Approximately 60 live and taped shows

Contributed to "Mission Critical" a 30-minute security Training video

1998-99 Reel Hollywood Glendora, CA


Reel Hollywood is a behind the scenes look at Film making and the People involved.

A Documentary style production with an emphasis on avoiding soundbites

Responsible for all aspects of production.


Other Projects:

Human Electron




1993-95 Mt. San Antonio College Walnut, CA

A.A. Liberal Arts

Forensics Team

Athletic Track - Pole Vaulting

1997-99  Cal State LA




Reading / collecting books, Computers, Rollerblading, Gardening, Writing Short Stories, Writing Music, Television Production, Web Design.

I thoroughly enjoy dreaming and producing/directing television and media products.


Favorite books:

    The Stranger - Albert Camus

    Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

    Fahrenheit 451 - George Orwell

    Catch-22 - Joseph Heller

    On the Road - Jack Keroauc

    Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck

Artistic influences:

    Specific life details

    Anything Beatnik

    Neo futurist novels

    Existentialist concepts

    Obscurity and Abstraction

    Blues / Classic Rock / Alternative / Ambient / Classical / anything except country music is all right. (twang. twang. don't hate me for not liking it)

Film influences:

Odd little things stick in my mind...Some will make sense, others will not.

    Bladerunner - need I say more.

    Clockwork Orange - I saw it in 5th grade and haven't been the same since.

    The Graduate - Film school made me watch it and it was impressive, it also grew on me, textual analysis comes to mind.

    Kurasowa flicks - Japanese westerns...very cool.

    Clerks - Wonderfully terrible movie with charm and heart...

    Bottle Rocket - who knows but I have always loved it... I want a jump suit...  

    Lawn Dogs - very odd, really cool and non conventional indie flick.

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